An Introduction to Our Faith


St Joseph’s is a Roman Catholic School. Its central aim is to help children know, love and serve God and their neighbour. The whole of the curriculum content and methodology, especially the teaching and living of the Roman Catholic Faith, is designed to achieve this central aim.


Children’s Mission Statement

The following Children’s Statement has been adopted by the school Academy Committee and is evident throughout the school:

To follow in Jesus’ footsteps, caring for each other when we work, play and pray


The magnificent mural of Joseph, Mary and Jesus in our School Hall.

Who was Saint Joseph?

The magnificent mural of Joseph, Mary and Jesus in our School Hall.

Also known as:
Joseph the Betrothed

19 March
1 May (Joseph the Worker)

Descendant of the house of David. Layman. Carpenter. Earthly spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Foster and adoptive father of Jesus Christ. Visionary who was visited by angels. Noted for his willingness to get up and do what God told him.

1st century, prior to the Passion, of natural causes

against doubt; against hesitation; Americas; Austria; diocese of Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Belgium; diocese of Biloxi, Mississippi; Bohemia; diocese of Buffalo, New York; bursars; cabinetmakers; Canada; Carinthia; carpenters; diocese of Cheyenne, Wyoming; China; Church; confectioners; craftsmen; Croatian people (in 1687 by decree of the Croatian parliament); dying people; emigrants; engineers; expectant mothers; families; fathers; Florence Italy; happy death; archdiocese of Hartford, Connecticut; holy death; house hunters; immigrants; interior souls; Korea; labourers; diocese of La Crosse, Wisconsin; archdiocese of Louisville, Kentucky; diocese of Manchester, New Hampshire; married people; Mexico; diocese of Nashville, Tennessee; New France; New World; Oblates of Saint Joseph; people in doubt; people who fight Communism; Peru; pioneers; pregnant women; protection of the Church; diocese of San Jose, California; Sicily; diocese of Sioux Falls, South Dakota; social justice; Styria Austria; travellers; Turin Italy; Tyrol Austria; unborn children; Universal Church; Vatican II; Viet Nam; diocese of Wheeling-Charleston, West Virginia; wheelwrights; workers; working people.

bible; branch; carpenter’s square; carpenter’s tools; chalice; cross; hand tools; infant Jesus; ladder; lamb; lily; monstrance; old man holding a lily and a carpenter’s tool such as a square; old man holding the infant Jesus; plane; rod.

A Prayer for Saint Joseph

This prayer, which can be seen in our entrance hall, reflects the many roles of St Joseph and helps us appreciate his life of faith.

Saint Joseph, foster father of Jesus, pray for us.
Saint Joseph, husband of Mary, pray for us.
Saint Joseph, patron of the universal church, pray for us.
Saint Joseph, model for workers, pray for us.
Saint Joseph, just and faithful person, pray for us.


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