Welcome to Foundation Year.

We aim to provide a stimulating and rich curriculum where each child can flourish in a caring environment which promotes effective learning and development. This curriculum is based on six key areas:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Communication, Language and Literacy
  • Problem solving, Reasoning and Numeracy
  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World
  • Physical Development
  • Creative Development

Many of the activities which the children undertake are initiated by them – often making use of areas like our home corner and writing area – while they are also regularly involved in whole class, group and individual tasks.

Find out what Early Years Foundation Stage are studying over the year:

FYR Termly Curriculum Plan For Parents- Summer 2018
FYP Termly Curriculum Plan For Parents- Summer 2018
FYR & FYP Termly Curriculum Plan For Parents - Autumn 2018
FYP Termly Curriculum Plan For Parents - Spring 2019
FYR Termly Curriculum Plan For Parents - Spring 2019


Foundation Year Blog

This half term, the children in FYS and FYJ have enjoyed:

  • Learning to play together (building blocks, babies, tig and tag)
  • Learning to count to 20
  • Drawing, sticking and painting
  • Knowing letters from a-k


FYJ Class Assembly (6/6/2017)


Original Punch and Judy by Clive Chandler (6/6/2017)


KS1 thoroughly enjoyed watching a traditional Punch and Judy show!

FYS Class Assembly (5/14/2017)


Lenten Charities (4/29/2017)

IMG_1678  IMG_1672

(FY and Y5&6 completing their charity fundraising events)

Thank you to all who sent in their Lenten Charitable donations – at the final count we have raised £2355.

The Charities that we have supported this year will each receive:

  •   Father Hudson’s Society- requested by Archbishop Bernard £588.75
  •   Cafod £588.75
  •   Cancer research ( children’s Choice) £588.75
  •   St Giles Hospice (children’s Choice) £588.75

    Well done to everyone for your fantastic Lenten efforts!!

Prayer Project (Spring 2015) (4/28/2015)

Prayer Project

We have recently taken part in a prayer project, along with Bishop Walsh, Holy Cross and St Nicholas’ Schools. Each house group had a different theme to write a prayer about. Read our selection of prayers and look out for our Academy Prayer, produced by a selection of students from each school.


St Joseph's Prayer Project Selection


Catholic Primary School