School Staff

On this page we would like to introduce you to all the friendly people who work here at St Joseph’s.

As well as our teaching staff, our school functions with the help of classroom assistants, integration assistants, administration staff, cooks, building and lunchtime supervisors.

Mr G O’Hara Principal
Mrs N Hill Vice Principal
Mrs L Chambers Assistant Principal
Miss O Harris Year 6 Teacher
Mr J Lynch Year 5 Teacher
Mr J Bannister Year 4 Teacher
Mrs Kennedy Year 3K Teacher
Mrs K Leahy Year 3L Teacher
Mrs A Guiney Year 2G Teacher
Miss R Miller Year 2M Teacher
Miss K Gavin Year 1G Teacher
Mrs L Terry Year 1T Teacher & SENCo
Miss L Rudd Year FYR Teacher
Mrs C Prentice Year FYP Teacher
 Mrs K Scouller  Higher Level Teaching Assistant
 Mrs T Oldham   Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Chlopik Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Halliday Teaching Assistant
Miss L Georgiou Teaching Assistant
Miss K Molloy Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Podraza Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Reeves Teaching Assistant
Miss S Richards Teaching Assistant
Mrs H Reilley Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Vickers Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Holmes Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Vickers Teaching Assistant
Ms M Coeulle Office Manager
Mrs E Green Admin Assistant
Mr A Dempsey Building Services Manager
Mrs L Fletcher Cook
Mrs K Kazamais Senior Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs M Durning Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs B Hayes Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs M Rahman Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs C Novak Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs T Haynes-Smart Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss M Shepherd Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Z Matthews Lunchtime Supervisor
 Mrs Z McCabe  Lunchtime Supervisor

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