Year 5

Year 5 is when the children move into the upper part of Key Stage 2.

As you can see from the curriculum overview and pictures our studies encompass a whole array of areas, from William Morris and the Victorians to the Ancient Greeks and mask making. Where possible our work is practical and we try to make learning as fun as we can for the children.

Find out what Year 5 are studying over the year:

Y5 Termly Curriculum Plan For Parents- Summer 2018
Y5 Termly Curriculum Plan For Parents - Autumn 2018
Y5 Termly Curriculum Plan For Parents - Spring 2019

Year 5 Blog

This half term, the children in Year 5 have enjoyed:

  • Learning about the Greeks
  • Practising long multiplication in Maths
  • Learning about Space, the Earth and the Sun in Science
  • Learning about how to greet people in French

Year 5 Faith and belief day (4.12.2018)

Year 5 received a visit from the Year 5 children from Conway Primary School. After a few ‘ice breaker’ activities the children discussed their own faith and beliefs and reflected upon their own identities. In the afternoon both classes enjoyed a tour of Holy Trinity led by Deacon Daniel and learnt about meanings behind the statues and symbols around the church. Thanks to the staff and children of Conway Primary School and a special thanks to Deacon Daniel for giving up his time to talk to the children.


Holy Week (4/29/2017)


Well done to Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5 for leading us through our Holy Week prayer journey following the footsteps of Jesus.
We watched Palms being waved to welcome Jesus on Palm Sunday by Year 4 and then Year 3 led us through the events of Maundy Thursday and the Last Supper where we witnessed the first celebration of the Eucharist with the breaking of bread. Finally, Year 5 concluded our journey, as they led us through the stations of the cross and we witnessed Jesus’ love and compassion for us even as He was been put to death.

Year 5’s Class Assembly (14.10.2016) (10/15/2016)


Today, Year 5 took us back to Ancient Greece in their fantastic class assembly! You did a great job of bringing the Greek myth of Perseus and Medusa to life!

Prayer Project (Spring 2015) (4/28/2015)

Prayer Project

We have recently taken part in a prayer project, along with Bishop Walsh, Holy Cross and St Nicholas’ Schools. Each house group had a different theme to write a prayer about. Read our selection of prayers and look out for our Academy Prayer, produced by a selection of students from each school.


St Joseph's Prayer Project Selection

Catholic Primary School