Year 6

Welcome to Year 6 here at St Joseph’s. This is the final year for the children at St Joseph’s. However, it is also an extremely busy one too! The children celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation with the Bishop, they have the opportunity to experience our residential trip at Manor Adventure, represent the school in many sporting activities and of course prepare to be assessed ready for their chosen Secondary Schools.

Find out what Year 6 are studying over the year:

Y6 Termly Curriculum Plan For Parents- Summer 2018
Y6 Termly Curriculum Plan For Parents - Autumn 2018
Y6 Termly Curriculum Plan For Parents - Spring 2019

Year 6 Blog

Autumn 2

This term, we received the Sacrament of Confirmation from Bishop Philip Pargeter and led a Mass of Thanksgiving to celebrate this important occasion.



Bishop Pargeter, Fr Michael and all of the staff were extremely proud of you and impressed with your maturity.

Our Trip to Alton Castle…
IMG_2505 IMG_2459 IMG_2461 IMG_2465 IMG_2496 IMG_2498

In preparation for receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation, we visited Alton Castle. Throughout the day, we participated in a range of activities, such as: meditation, a blind trail and orienteering, which helped us to develop a greater understanding of the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit mean in our lives today. We thoroughly enjoyed the day and it helped us to reflect upon the significance of receiving this very special sacrament.

Autumn 1

This half term, the children in Year 6 have enjoyed:

  • Writing letters and diary entries based on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • Practising using long division and solving reasoning problems in Maths
  • Learning how we see in Science
  • Looking at the work of Quentin Blake in Art
  • Learning about Confirmation in RE
  • Practising for our assembly on how to be active and curious in school, the Church and the wider community
  • Playing rounders on the field in PE
Y6 End of SATs Picnic (5/14/2017)


Well done Year 6 – we are very impressed with your hard work, determination and positive attitude that you have shown over the last couple of weeks!

Y6 Bikeability (5/14/2017)


Well done Year 6 for your sensible attitude towards Bikeability over the past few weeks – Aspire were very impressed.

Lenten Charities (4/29/2017)

IMG_1678  IMG_1672

(FY and Y5&6 completing their charity fundraising events)

Thank you to all who sent in their Lenten Charitable donations – at the final count we have raised £2355.

The Charities that we have supported this year will each receive:

  •   Father Hudson’s Society- requested by Archbishop Bernard £588.75
  •   Cafod £588.75
  •   Cancer research ( children’s Choice) £588.75
  •   St Giles Hospice (children’s Choice) £588.75

    Well done to everyone for your fantastic Lenten efforts!!

CAFOD’s ‘Turn a Little Fish into a Big Fish’ Campaign (4/29/2017)


This Lent, one of the charities that we have been supporting is CAFOD and the House Captains have explained about their ‘Turn a Little Fish into a Big Fish’ campaign. Unfortunately, millions of families around the world are living in extreme poverty – many are struggling to earn a living so do not have enough money to meet their basic needs such as food, housing and clothing. However, this Lent, we can help to change this; all of our little actions will make a really big difference to people living in poverty by helping people to set up small businesses and earn a living

The cake sale and games experience run by Y6 raised £301.57 – this will be added to the overall Lenten total at the end of our Lenten Efforts.

Well done everyone and thank you for all of your contributions!

Year 6 Residential Trip: Manor Adventure (4/29/2017)


In March, the children in Year 6 visited Manor Adventure in Shropshire where they took part in activities such as obstacle courses through mud, underground mazes, abseiling, rock climbing and many more!

Safer Internet Day 7.2.2017 (2/23/2017)

Tuesday 7th February was Safer Internet Day – a great opportunity to talk to our family and friends about the safe, responsible and positive use of technology, and to ‘give a smile’ to help create a kinder online community.



With the help of the Year 6 Digital Leaders, who led a fantastic assembly about how we can help to make a positive change online, we explored how photos can create an impression of our character and personality (our online reputation) and thought about how we could decide if a photo/image is okay to share online or not. Throughout the day, the children ran a Photo Booth in the playground – but always ensured that they had the children’s permission to take their photos and made sure that any clues for personal information about them was covered.

Year 6’s Visit to Holy Trinity Church (11/18/2016)

As the children in Year 6 prepared for receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation, Deacon Daniel helped them to develop a greater understanding of their faith as he gave them a tour of the Church.

IMG_6718 IMG_6719 IMG_6721

Did you know…

  • We bless ourselves with the Holy Water from the font to wash away our sins before we enter the Church
  • There are three parts of the Church: the narthex, the nave and the sanctuary
  • There are three steps leading up to the alter representing God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit


Year 6’s Class Assembly (7.10.2016) (10/15/2016)


In our assembly, Miss Zacaroli and Miss Kentish discussed the meaning of our virtues for this half term. The class went back in time to ancient Egypt to reflect upon what it means to be curious and explored the events of Pentecost to see how we can actively follow in Jesus’ footsteps.

Year 5 Science work at Bishop Walsh July 2016 (7/11/2016)

Year 5 have been wowed after visiting Bishop Walsh for a Science lesson.  They were lighting bunsen burners, experimenting with fireworks, testing different chemicals with red cabbage and writing secret messages!  They had a great time and have said, ‘Science is cool!

IMG_0948[1] IMG_0949[1] IMG_0950[1] IMG_0943[1] IMG_0953[1] IMG_0952[1]

Prayer Project (Spring 2015) (4/28/2015)

Prayer Project

We have recently taken part in a prayer project, along with Bishop Walsh, Holy Cross and St Nicholas’ Schools. Each house group had a different theme to write a prayer about. Read our selection of prayers and look out for our Academy Prayer, produced by a selection of students from each school.


St Joseph's Prayer Project Selection

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