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Note to all Prospective parents of pupils applying for a Foundation Year place starting September 2016, please ensure that you return your Supplementary Information Form to SCHOOL by Friday 15th January 2016


As part of our DT Curriculum, Year 4 have sampled and evaluated many brands of biscuits.  Following this, we worked in small groups to design and make our own biscuits.  From our evaluations, we have decided that they were delicious and may even try baking them again sometime!

The Bear Hunt

Bear Hunt

One of our favourite topics this year was the Bear Hunt. We found long swishy grass, thick oozing mud and a deep cold river all in the school grounds.  Then we enjoyed making our own snow storm.

Twycross Zoo


During the summer 2015 we visited Twycross Zoo; we saw lots of animals including elephants, giraffes and monkeys. We sorted animals into mammals, reptiles, birds and creepy crawlies. We had such a fun day we were very tired on the coach home.

Easter 2015

Jesus was put before the Council.  This council consisted of the High Priest and the Sanhedrin.  We have selected those people who the High Priest would have questioned about Jesus and acted out the Council scene in our RE lesson.


Making moving vehicles.

Spirng 2015

Year 2 made moving vehicles. First, we looked at uses of vehicles and then designed the vehicle we wanted to make. We made a chassis from a cardboard box and then we made the wheels. We had to cut the wooden dowels to the right size with a saw and then attach the wheels. We had lots of fun making the main body of the car and decorating it. Finally, we evaluated our vehicles against our designs.

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