Year 2

Welcome to Year 2.

Please find below the termly curriculum overviews for parents: Autumn, Spring and Summer. Also you can find the National Curriculum relevant for this year group. There is also a document showing the skills to be learnt in this year groups foundation subjects. Should you need to know any further information please speak to the class teacher.

During this year we will begin to develop the child’s understanding of mathematical strategies, develop their reading comprehension and enhance their writing style. We also encourage a greater independence in preparation for Key Stage 2.

The children will complete their Key Stage 1 SATs tests over a few months through regular teacher assessment tasks. These tests will be in Reading, Writing, Spelling and Maths.

Find out what Year 2 are studying over the year:

Nat Curric Reading Key Stage 1 Year 2
Nat Curric Writing Key Stage 1 Year 2
Nat Curric Mathematics Key Stage 1 Year 2
Nat Curric Science Key Stage 1 Year 2
Nat Curric Spelling
St Joseph's Y2 New Curriculum Skills
St Joseph's Y2 English Curriculum Overview
Y2 Termly Curriculum Plan For Parents Autumn 2020
St Joseph’s RE Long-term Plan 2020-2021 Y2
St. Joseph's Y2 Maths Yearly Overview


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